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Monday, July 1, 2013

Drum roll, please....

The winners of the Future Letters One Year Anniversary Giveaway are:
(All winners have been sent a congratulations email)
Here's what they won!
Signed copy of Future Letters: Heather C.
Future Letters Ebooks: Sai S., Dora B. and Mary L.
Autographed Character Postcard from Lilianna (author): Kelly K.
Autographed Character Postcard from Alaia (rock star): Natalie J.
Autographed Character Postcard from Morgan (model): Christina G.
SFINE 2013 Swag Packs: Sarah V. and Maggie G.
Pink Ribbon Book Mark from Pink Paw Prints: Laura G.
$3.99 ebook from Maria's Book Blog: Donna R.
99 cents ebooks from Confessions of an Obsessed Bookoholic Anomaly: Sheryl M., Lea J., Denise T. and Tess H.

And the winner of getting to celebrate 16 years of being together and getting to living happily ever after with our millions of cats, famous "pawographing" dog, three tanks of fish and two baby doves is: Scott W!  (I have no clue how my husband always ends up being chosen as a winner by rafflecopter. lol)

(winners for the post cards were chosen by what their answer to the question was - What did you want to be at 15? Author, Model or Rock Star.)


And thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and all the people who've supported me as I go through this writing journey.