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Thursday, June 20, 2013

SFINE 2013

Last weekend Scott and I went to our first big book signing author event - San Francisco Independent Authors Event.  I discovered a few things:
*Meeting some of my favorite authors is like meeting rock stars - and I will be telling my students this when school starts up again in August (it was a discussion we'd had during first period last spring)
*Having an e-reader is awesome... except that authors can't actually sign the books you have on it.  You have to get creative.  I took pictures of the books on my nook to make an author autograph scrapbook.  I saw a few people getting their reader covers signed (but what happens when you run out of room?).
*Giving my own signed postcard to authors with books I love is pretty awesome!
*Having Nyrae Dawn suggest we go to the author event in Pomona next month is the best way to get Scott to agree to go. ;-) 

There were LOTS of authors there - but I only own books by four of them, so that's who Scott took pictures of me with. :-) 
Colleen Hoover

Nyrae Dawn

Jillian Dodd

Abbie Glines

He doesn't believe that he looks "Magically Delicious" like his button from Jillian Dodd says

The button that Jillian Dodd said Scott should wear for being such an awesome husband.  I guess he doesn't get that he's MY That Boy. ;-)
We also visited the Walt Disney Family Museum while we were in San Francisco.  More pictures from the event and themuseum on my facebook album.

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