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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A day early but....

Nine Days is available in paperback on CreateSpace!!!  I'm so excited!  I just ordered nine paperback copies and their scheduled to arrive on 10/9 (which also happens to be my birthday).  So, official publication date is 9/27 (2+7=9), paperbacks should be here on the 9th and the book is NINE DAY.  That's got to be a good sign... right?  Everyone will fall madly in love with Andy and Kai, Pil and Popo (and probably Jase - he's my husband's favorite character), which means everyone will love the book and recommend it to all their friends, who will also love it and recommend it and the circle will go on forever!  (Power of positive thinking, right?)

It'll take a couple days for it to pop up for sale on Kindle and I can't click "publish" for the Nook version until tomorrow (which I will do before leaving for school).  But here's a secret... the ebook version is currently available on Smashwords. 

The cost for the paperback is $9.99 and the ebook price is 99cents (these are also the same prices that they'll be on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

So if you'd like to get your copy of Nine Days a bit early click below.

I'm SO excited!!  

Don't forget, the giveaway is still going on.  You can win you own paperback copy, e-copy or e-copy of my first book Future Letters.  Here's the Giveaway link
I'm also having a facebook event this weekend the celebrate the release with plenty of chances to win copies of the paperback and ebook, a paperback copy of Future Letters plus some other cool stuff!

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