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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

It's back to school I go!  School/Work, same thing when you're working at a school.  This will be a completely new experience for me.  I've been hired as a Special Education Tutor for a nearby small town's school district.  And with all my work experience, my degree in child development and specialized classes in early intervention/special ed, infants and toddler that district has decided the best place to put me is in High School.  I start on Thursday.

I've worked with high school age kids before, it's just a very big change going from toddlers and pre-k to high school.  But I'm excited - a bit nervous - but excited.

Laura-Glue is NOT happy about this.  Mama is supposed to stay home all day and let her inspire me to write or lay with her on the couch and read the stacks of books I keep bringing home from the library weekly.  The position is part time, but she'll still be home alone for about seven hours a day.  Hopefully, she and I can convince her daddy she needs doggie day camp a couple days a week.

Maybe buying her new hedgehog toys will all the extra money I'll be earning will help dry her tears. ;o)

The position is part time, which is good.  It'll give me time to write in the afternoons.  Nine Days will get finished!  

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