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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Weekend to Bleed Dodger Blue!

Exciting things are going on for the Willaston family this weekend. 

Friday, July 13th is the 15th anniversary of Scott's first Dodger game - and also the 15th anniversary of the day we stopped being just best friends and roommates.
Saturday, July 14 we'll be taking the Monkey Boy to his first Dodger game and it'll be my first Dodger NIGHT GAME.  I've always wanted to go to a night game in LA so I'm already very excited.  Adding the Monkey Boy to the mix and I'm ecstatic!

Of course with a Dodger game means a trip to LA, which means we'll be visiting my mom.  She was the first person to buy a copy of Future Letters and wants me to sign it for her (which I will do willingly).

So, in honor of this exciting weekend the Kindle version of Future Letters is FREE!  It's currently part of the Kindle Owners Lending Library and as part of that program I can plan Free Promotion Days.  Here's a link to the Kindle version.

This is just through Amazon and only for the Kindle (sorry, the hard copy isn't free).

As for the hard copy, you can take $1.50 off the cost of the book when you purchase it through the CreateSpace or the Amazon sites.  The discount code is K8WS9WPW.
So, bleed Dodger Blue for the weekend and get free Kindle copies and discounted hard copies of Future Letters. ;-)

Happy Anniversary Scott!  
Graduation Congratulations Monkey Boy!
I love you both!! 

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