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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Future Letters!

About an hour ago I clicked the "Approved" button.   The little "Are you sure box" popped up and I clicked cancel. Looked over the proof one more time, took some screen shots of the cover, returned and clicked approve - Twice.

Future Letters is out in the world! 

It's not available on Amazon yet.  But it can be currently purchased at my CreateSpace estore here:https://www.createspace.com/3781625

I feel like I've just drank a 20 shots of espresso and a 12 pack of coke (and I don't drink either!).  I'm so excited, so nervous, so.... OMG!

Okay go over check list...
Danced around the house with Laura-Glue and freaked out the cats with me cries of glee?  Check.  Emailed mom?  Check. 
Texted husband, editor and Monkey Boy?  Check.
 Posted to Twitter?  Check. 
Facebook? Check. 
Blog?  Doing that now.

Off to walk Laura-Glue (and hopefully some of this energy out).

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