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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

While I wait...

After doing some research on how authors promote themselves and their books through social media, I decided to try doing an Author's Blog.  A place where anyone who follows me on Twitter or likes me or the book on Facebook can come and get more information - about me, the book, other projects I'm working on, that sort of thing.  But how do you start an Author's Blog?

I guess like this - just start writing.

I just submitted Future Letters (again) for its "Final Review".  I think this is the third final review.  I like the number three.  Third time's the charm and all that, right?  So, what to do while I wait for that email saying the it's ready to go?
Once it's ready to go, I just click that little button and *POOF* Future Letters is in out in the world for anyone to read - not just the people I've asked to read.  I hope it gets read.  I hope it's liked.  I'm sure not everyone will like it, but I hope more people like it than don't.  It's like that first day of school feeling.  I hope it makes new friends.  I hope it doesn't get picked on or thrown into the trash every morning before class starts.  

Future Letters is the first book I'm publishing.  It's my first work of fiction that someone else has read.  They both said they loved it.  Of course one of those readers is my husband - I think he's supposed to say that.  This is not the first book I've written, but it's the first I've felt I should set free into the world.  I knew it would be a risk.  It's not written in a traditional manner.  All those advice articles about how dialog should be brief - yeah, the authors of those articles are going to hate Future Letters.  On the flip side of that I've been told that the idea of reading the private correspondences of the characters is "intriguing".  I know from my experience reading Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern, it took me a few pages to adjust to the epistolary flow of the story.  Once I did though, I couldn't put it down.  Which is exactly what my friend told me when she was reading Future Letters.  People I've talked to about this project bring up ideas like turning it into a movie, or the book doing so well I can just focus on writing and not worry about a day job.

My hopes for this book are simple.  I want it to be read.

This concludes my first post on my Author's Blog.

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